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2025 Vision of the Nation set to be middle income Nation by 2025. The plan envisions transforming the Ethiopian economy into a lower middle income category by 2025 through increasing the productivity, quality and competitiveness of the productive sectors; enhancing the capacity, participation and equitable benefit of citizens.

In line with Vision of the Nation, the vision of the industrial development plan is stated as “building an industrial sector with the highest manufacturing capability in Africa which is diversified, globally competitive, environmentally-friendly, and capable of significantly improving the living standards of the Ethiopian people by the year 2025”

The overall goal of the industrial development strategy is to bring about structural change in the economy through industrial development. Specifically it is aimed at by increasing the share of the industry sector as % of the GDP from the current 13% to 27% by 2025, and also increasing the share of the manufacturing sector as % of the GDP from the current 4% to 17% by the year 2025.