Zelealem G/Medhin

Zelealem G/medhin has got Master of Science in economics, concentrated in economics policy analysis in 2008. He has over 15 years work experience in public sector, private sector and public sector funded by international donors. He has solid experience in planning, business development, research, data management and project management and coordination. In research, he has contributed in the socio-economic study of Urban-Rural and Urban-Urban Linkage of Tigray Regional State, the case of Mekelle town; Master Plan Preparation of Mekelle Town; and Development Plan of Mekoni town. He also conducted a number of marketing studied for private companies- Awassa Textile Share Company and Guna Trading House PLC. In project management side, as a project manager of Environment and Climate Research Center (ECRC) based at Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI), he showed strong commitment in managing activities and budgets of multi-research projects financed by Royal Norwegian Embassy, SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), IDRC (International Development Research Center) and the World Bank. Starting April 2017, he is working as a Data Management and Project Coordination Officer of the ECRC, where he is actively involved in data management and project management, especially on coordinating data collection process (Survey Administration).

Responsibility in the Project

Zelalem has led identification, evaluation and generation of baseline data for the industry sector, Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy. 

Contact Information

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